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Dec 15, 2020

This week, Andy hosts Mark Lowry and Buddy Greene—writers of the countlessly recorded (literally…we can’t even find how many times it’s been covered) Christmas classic Mary Did You Know?
Tune in to hear Mark talk about writing the lyrics for the song and how Buddy put the music together years later. You might be surprised to hear there was once a different melody!
You’ll also hear Buddy and Mark talk about their favorite versions of the song, childhood Christmas memories, why the song is so relatable—plus Mark’s hilarious encounter with a group of people that weren’t too happy with how he explained the song.
Hear Buddy's favorite versions of the song:
Michael English:
Hear Mark's favorite versions of the song:
Christ Church Choir:
Carrie Underwood:
And of course Andy's all time favorite by Sonya Isaacs:
You can find more from Buddy and Mark at their websites below, and be sure to connect with them both on Facebook!