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Nov 23, 2021

This week, Andy hosts Blake Canterbury—Social Entrepreneur, Board Member at Compassion International, and Founder of Purposity
Tune in to hear Blake discuss this simple idea of generosity and how most people would help their neighbor if they only knew they were in need. That’s the idea that sparked the mission behind the App (and non-profit) Purposity. 
With Purposity, you can find “Needs” for nearby people, read their stories, and purchase items ranging from a few dollars on up. You’ll even get a notification when your package has been delivered. Knowing that you’ve done something needed for someone else will change your day and it’s trajectory.
As Blake says…
Generosity can be a lifestyle. The world tries to drive generosity away from us by saying we can buy our way to happiness. The reality is you can’t buy your way to happiness. When you begin to give your life away, big or small amounts, you’ll begin to find it. 
Download the Purposity App on the App Store and Google Play
Then signup, meet your first need, get your first thank-you message back, set a goal, and share it! 
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